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April 3, 2010

Family Photo Blocks

This is one of the photo blocks that we will be making in a class later in April!  I found some old black and white photos of me as a baby.  The first one is my beloved Italian grandmom holding me.  She was the only grandparent that I ever knew growing up.  She lived to be 92 years young.  What a lady she was!  She lived in her own home and kept a yard that was unbelievable until she passed in 1997.  You name it and she grew it. Flowers, vegetables, fruit trees, walnut trees, fig trees!  It seemed like everything that Grandmom put into the ground flourished.  All of us grandkids were always loved by our teachers on Monday mornings when we showed up with gorgeous bouquets of flowers freshly picked after Sunday dinner at her house. They were better than any bouquet that you could buy in a flower shop.  My Grandmom came to the U.S. from Italy when she was 8 years old.  She loved everything about the U.S. and cherished her schooling.  She would recite poetry that she learned in her one room school house until her death.  Even though some recent memories were not as strong for her, her early years were still very clear to her.  I think because it was so important to her and she was so grateful to come here to live.  Grandmom soaked up everything that life in the U.S. could offer to her in the early 1900's.  Education and family were number one!  I miss her dearly.
The next photo is one of my brother and sister and my handsome dad holding me!  I assume that my mom was taking this picture.  That is somewhat ironic because my dad was the official photographer in the family.  We have soooo many slides and pictures from our childhood thanks to my dad.  I love this picture because it looks like everyone is so calm and happy.  I wonder what the house was like just before and after the photo was taken?  With a 10 year old, a 9 year old and a newborn I am sure that it was exciting!  My brother and sister look pretty happy despite the fact that they really wanted a puppy and ended up with a little sister! Happy Easter to all of you!  Enjoy your families and cherish your time spent with them. 

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